National Security

Ron Johnson is working to keep local communities safe by pushing real solutions to address Islamic terrorism and other threats to our national security. As chairman of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security, he’s addressing the root causes of our security concerns and taking on Washington dysfunction to get results.


Ron Johnson is an accountant and an Oshkosh manufacturer, not a career politician. He spent 34 years building a company – PACUR – that produces plastic sheeting for packaging, and is creating good-paying jobs and opportunity for Wisconsin families. PACUR has gone from serving a single client to being the world’s largest producer of a specialty plastic for packaging and high-tech printing applications. They don’t export jobs, they export plastic — to over 20 countries, including China. Ron knows that by getting Washington out of the way, we can encourage economic growth in the private sector to create good jobs and economic opportunity for all.


Ron is committed to standing with “the finest among us” – Wisconsin’s veterans. As Chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, Ron has worked to hold the VA accountable after the tragedies at Tomah, support veterans after they leave the service and in their future careers, and promote a strong national defense.

Addressing Our Nation’s Debt Crisis

Ron is working to address our nation’s debt crisis, which affects everything from saving Social Security to keeping our country safe from terrorism. See these excerpts from his op-ed in the Wall Street Journal: