Ron is committed to standing with “the finest among us” – Wisconsin’s veterans. As Chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, Ron has worked to hold the VA accountable after the tragedies at Tomah, support veterans after they leave the service and in their future careers, and promote a strong national defense.

Holding the VA Accountable – Ron has used his position as Chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs to hold the VA accountable and find answers after the tragic deaths of our veterans at the Tomah VA. Ron has also introduced the “Dr. Chris Kirkpatrick Whistleblower Protection Act” – which would protect whistleblowers standing up for veterans.

Increased Healthcare Options for Veterans – Ron supported and helped strengthen the “VA Choice Act.” This bill would allow veterans to access care from private doctors and facilities.

 Helping Veterans After They Leave the Service Ron has nine veterans on his staff in Washington, D.C. and Wisconsin with more than 125 years of total military service. They have handled thousands of constituent cases relating to veterans and military issues. Ron also supports the Veterans History Project to collect and preserve the personal stories of America’s war veterans.

Supporting Veterans in Future Careers – Ron helped pass the “Border Jobs for Vets Act” to help veterans get jobs securing the border.

Supporting a Strong National Defense – Since he was elected by the people of Wisconsin, Ron has voted for every National Defense Authorization Act. Ron has also led in calling for a comprehensive strategy to destroy ISIS – including an international coalition similar to the first successful Gulf War, and Ron fought the president’s reckless Iran deal, and opposes giving tens of billions of dollars to a country that chants “Death to America.”