Ron Johnson is an accountant and an Oshkosh manufacturer, not a career politician. He spent 34 years building a company – PACUR – that produces plastic sheeting for packaging, and is creating good-paying jobs and opportunity for Wisconsin families. PACUR has gone from serving a single client to being the world’s largest producer of a specialty plastic for packaging and high-tech printing applications. They don’t export jobs, they export plastic — to over 20 countries, including China. Ron knows that by getting Washington out of the way, we can encourage economic growth in the private sector to create good jobs and economic opportunity for all.

Pro-growth Tax Reform – Ron thinks we need to scrap our current tax code and replace it with simple, pro-growth tax reform that would help lower taxes, eliminate red tape, and create jobs for Wisconsin families. Ron wants to find areas of agreement to get the government the revenue it needs and keep it from doing economic harm.

Regulatory Reform – Ron has made regulatory reform a priority, introducing in his first year a bill to halt all new major regulations and cosponsoring more than 50 pieces of legislation focused on job-killing regulatory overreach.

EPA Overreach – Ron has fought against EPA overreach every step of the way, most recently standing with Wisconsin farmers, manufacturers, and families against the EPA’s water rule to regulate small ponds, ditches, and creeks on private property, affecting 92 percent of the land in Wisconsin and driving up costs and killing jobs due to added government regulation.

Obamacare – Ron understands the damage Obamacare has done to families and businesses, which is why he authored the leading proposal to repair that damage, as well as a bill that would have allowed Americans to keep their health care plans, just as President Obama originally promised. 

Debt & Deficit – Ron ran on fighting to rein in wasteful federal spending, and has used his background as an accountant and manufacturer to do exactly that. Ron helped Republicans pass the first balanced budget in years, and fought for the “Johnson Budget Window” to make politicians look at our fiscal problems over the next 30 years.

Attacking Government Waste, Fraud and Abuse – Ron has used his committee chairmanship to conduct investigations and aggressive oversight to root out waste, fraud and abuse. He is conducting hearings on spending in every corner of the federal government to make sure Wisconsin taxpayers get their money’s worth.