Socialist Bernie Sanders’ Top Priority: Electing Socialist Mandela Barnes

Barnes won’t say if he’ll campaign with Sanders

OSHKOSH – New from the New York Times today: Socialist Bernie Sanders has made it his top priority to elect Socialist Mandela Barnes. Sanders and Barnes are two peas in a pod. They both support a radical agenda that would Abolish ICE and add trillions of dollars in government spending – a move that would make inflation worse for hard-working Wisconsin families. 

“At a time when hard-working Wisconsin families are seeing price hikes across the board because of the Biden-Barnes economic agenda, the last thing Wisconsin needs is more big-spending liberals telling us what to do,” said Ben Voelkel, Senior Advisor for the Johnson campaign. “Mandela Barnes and Bernie Sanders want to stymie capitalism, grow government, and pass the Green New Deal. All items that would raise costs on Wisconsin families even further than what they’re already seeing.” 

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Bernie Sanders, Fearing Weak Democratic Turnout, Plans Midterms Blitz

Oct. 19, 2022

Senator Bernie Sanders is planning an eight-state blitz with at least 19 events over the final two weekends before the midterm elections, looking to rally young voters and progressives as Democrats confront daunting national headwinds.

A top priority for Mr. Sanders this year has been electing Mandela Barnes, the Democratic Senate nominee in Wisconsin. Mr. Sanders has allowed the Barnes campaign to use his name to send out fund-raising emails, reaping at least $500,000, according to a Sanders adviser.

It is not clear if Mr. Barnes will appear alongside Mr. Sanders, who is planning at least three events in the state the weekend before the election, in Eau Claire, LaCrosse and Madison, the state capital and heart of Wisconsin’s progressive movement. A spokeswoman for Mr. Barnes declined to comment on his plans.

But when Politico reported this month that Wisconsin Democrats were planning possible events with Mr. Sanders, Matt Bennett, the co-founder of Third Way, a centrist group, wrote on Twitter: “I desperately want Barnes to win, so I ask again of his campaign: Why would you do this? Why????”

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