Lies You Can Expect Out of Mandela Barnes in Tonight’s Debate

OSHKOSH – Ron Johnson and Lt. Gov. Barnes will meet for their second debate tonight. While Lt. Gov. Barnes continues to conceal his radical policy positions from Wisconsin voters, here are the lies you can expect out of him tonight:

LIE: LG Barnes doesn’t support the Defund the Police and Abolish ICE movements

  • A CNN KFile review of Barnes’ comments revealed’ strong support for both movements. Aside from posing for a photograph with an “Abolish ICE” t-shirt, he also stated that “the wrong ICE is melting” and that we should redirect and decrease police funding.

LIE: “Under my plan, dangerous people don’t get to buy their way out of prison.”

  • Mandela Barnes wrote the bill in the state legislature to eliminate cash bail, and made it his goal to cut the prison population by half, releasing violent criminals back on the streets, thinking it’s “sexy.”

LIE: Support for law enforcement.

  • Mandela Barnes does not support law enforcement, and they don’t support him. He villainizes police, seeks to defund them, and even lied about his endorsements of law enforcement. Ron Johnson has been endorsed by about 4,500 law enforcement officers, including a bipartisan majority of Wisconsin sheriffs, the Milwaukee Police Association, the Kenosha Professional Police Association Board, and the Wisconsin Fraternal Order of Police.

LIE: Support for Wisconsin agriculture

  • Mandela Barnes is a strong supporter of the destructive Green New Deal, which would cost Wisconsin dairy farmers $2.5 billion – or about $2,000 per cow – and increase household costs by $75,000 in year one, and more than $40,000 in each year after.

LIE: LG Barnes wants lower taxes

  • Instead of paying his own taxes, Lt. Gov. Barnes abused taxpayer funds to use the State Patrol as his own personal Uber service. He is just another hypocritical tax-raising Democrat. Barnes supported raising taxes by over $300 billion, adding 87,000 more IRS agents, raising the gas tax, and a tax rate as high as 70%

LIE: Support for capitalism and small business

  • Mandela Barnes wants to “stymie capitalism” and refuses to admit our country is in a recession. Due to the failed economic policies and reckless spending he supports, our country is suffering with 40-year high inflation, record gas prices, supply chain shortages, and an economic recession. He also supported the draconian lockdowns which drove small businesses underground.