Mandela Barnes Doubles Down on Mocking Assassination Survivor Steve Scalise 

OSHKOSH – Mandela Barnes tweeted that Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise was “taking one for the team” after Scalise survived an assassination attempt and was nearly killed at the Republican Congressional baseball team practice in 2017. 

After a deranged Bernie Sanders supporter showed up at the Republican Congressional baseball team practice to kill GOP members of Congress in 2017 – nearly killing Rep. Steve Scalise – Democrats and Republicans united against the abhorrent act of violence. 

But after the shooting of Scalise, Barnes mocked him and flippantly declared Scalise was “taking one for the team.” When called out on it yesterday, Barnes refused to apologize, doubled down on his comments, and tried to blame it on Ron Johnson.

When asked about Mandela Barnes’ disturbing comments, Rep. Scalise stated: “That’s disgraceful. It says a lot more about his lack of character to be in essence condoning political violence. All of us should be standing up against political violence. To say something like that, [Barnes] really needs to look in the mirror and reevaluate his lack of character.”

“It’s bad enough that in the moment of tragedy Lt. Gov. Barnes didn’t have the grace to put politics aside, but to double down now and refuse to apologize to Representative Scalise is revealing and embarrassing. For a career politician like Mandela Barnes, there is always a political point to try to score. ” – Ben Voelkel, Senior Advisor for the Ron Johnson campaign