Wisconsin Democrat gets caught making up police endorsements

“An honest politician is an oxymoron,” Mark Twain once famously said. Yet even he would have been quite impressed with the lengths to which Wisconsin Democratic Senate candidate Mandela Barnes is going to deceive voters. It’s particularly rich, given the left-wing attacks calling incumbent Ron Johnson (R-WI) dishonest. Yet while on the campaign trail, Barnes himself was caught misleading the public about who has actually endorsed him. 

Earlier this month, Mandela Barnes touted that his campaign had the support of active law enforcement officials. He provided a list of nine police officers who had endorsed his candidacy. 

This, in and of itself, is embarrassing, given that there are over 13,000 police officers in Wisconsin. But, to make matters worse, Barnes didn’t even have nine real supporters. After he listed the names of those law enforcement officials who supported him, it was revealed that only one of the nine was a legitimate endorsement by an active officer. 

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