THROWBACK THURSDAY: Kamala Harris Bails Out Rioters

Mandela Barnes supports the same “criminals first” approach

OSHKOSH – Kamala Harris and Mandela Barnes support the same soft-on-crime policies that leave Wisconsin communities less safe. Before she was Vice President, Harris bailed out rioters in Minneapolis – including one charged with murder. More on that here

And for his part, Mandela Barnes’ defense of his anti-cop agenda has been well documented. Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes supports dangerous policies that will defund the police, halve the prison population, eliminate cash bail, and abolish ICE

“Mandela Barnes and Kamala Harris have supported reckless policies that leave Wisconsinites in danger. From defunding the police to letting criminals walk free, their leadership makes our communities less safe,” said Alec Zimmerman, spokesman for Ron Johnson’s campaign. “They also can’t refute that Mandela Barnes is a radical leftist, endorsed by fellow radical leftists, and holds beliefs far outside the mainstream of Wisconsin voters.