Kenosha Professional Police Association Board Endorses Johnson

OSHKOSH – Today, the Kenosha Professional Police Association Board endorsed Senator Ron Johnson’s (R-WI) re-election campaign. Johnson’s opponent, Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes is running on a dangerous agenda to defund the police, half the prison population, eliminate cash bail, and abolish ICE. And Lt. Gov. Barnes stoked the flames of violence during the 2020 Kenosha riots, accusing the Kenosha police of a vendetta. 

While Barnes continues to lie about his law enforcement endorsements, Senator Johnson is building a strong coalition of law enforcement around the state, as this endorsement follows the endorsement from a bipartisan majority of Wisconsin Sheriffs. 

“Ron Johnson has a proven track record of supporting law enforcement, enforcing tough-on-crime policies, and working to keep all Wisconsin communities safe. We are proud to back Senator Ron Johnson because he backs us,” said Pete Deates, President of the Kenosha Professional Police Association Board. “Mandela Barnes sided with rioters over the brave men and women of the Kenosha police department, leading to violence and destruction in Kenosha. Barnes continues to show sympathy and concern for the suspect but has not once shown any support or concern for the officers directly involved or the Kenosha Police Department. Even to this day, he refuses to acknowledge the officers were justified.”

“I truly appreciate the endorsement of the Kenosha Professional Police Association Board who represent some of the finest members of our community,” Senator Ron Johnson said. “Soft-on-crime policies from Democrats like Mandela Barnes have put families, small businesses, and our brave men and women of law enforcement in danger. Together, we can restore safety and law and order in our communities.”