BREAKING: Another Cop Removed from Barnes’ Law Enforcement List

OSHKOSH  – In case you missed it, CBS 58 reported that yet another of Mandela Barnes’ law enforcement “endorsements” never happened and was removed from the short list of cops supporting his campaign. This new chapter in the Mandela Barnes Endorsement Scandal comes a day after reports that a La Crosse County Sheriff’s captain denied endorsing Mandela Barnes after the Lt. Gov. claimed his support. 

“Mandela Barnes can’t even tell the truth about who is endorsing his campaign – voters shouldn’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth,” said Alec Zimmerman, spokesman for the Ron Johnson campaign. “His repeated lies were an attempt to cover up his support for defunding the police, abolishing ICE, and letting prisons off for free. Now his endorsement scandal continues to grow.” 

Read the full story from CBS 58 here, or read excerpts below:

Another law enforcement endorsement removed on Mandela Barnes campaign website

Emilee Fannon

CBS 58

September 20, 2022

Another law enforcement endorsement Mandela Barnes campaign claimed to secure last week has been withdrawn from the campaign website.

Racine County Deputy Sheriff Malik Frazier is no longer included on a coalition of Wisconsin law enforcement officers’ endorsements. Frazier was one of two active duty officers originally listed in a campaign press release Thursday.

It comes just a day after La Crosse County Sheriff captain John Siegel, who’s running as a Democrat for Sheriff, told multiple media outlets he never agreed to endorse Barnes for his U.S. Senate bid. Wisconsin Right Now was first to report on the development.

Last week, the campaign sent out a press release claiming Barnes secured nine law enforcement endorsements from across the state. On Friday, Capt. John Siegel said he noticed his name on the list and immediately tried to contact the Barnes campaign to remove it.

“I had no idea on Friday my name had been up on a press release,” Siegel said in a phone interview. “Finally got a hold of somebody operating their campaign and said, ‘Hey, I didn’t ever agree to put my name on anything or be added to a list.”

Read more from CBS 58 here.