The Biden-Barnes Inflation Acceleration

OSHKOSH – While the Biden administration and Mandela Barnes tout the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act” today, inflation still continues to surge and make life worse for American families and small businesses. August’s consumer price index (CPI) soared by 8.3% compared to last year, real wages have fallen every month since Biden and Democrats passed their $1.9 trillion partisan wish-list, and Americans are struggling to afford basic necessities

In Wisconsin, households saw costs increase by $673 per month in August when compared to January of 2021. 

“Americans are struggling to make ends meet but the disastrous Democrat policies that Mandela Barnes supports would make life worse,” said Ben Voelkel, spokesman for the Johnson campaign. “Barnes is dangerous for Wisconsin, and he has proved that he is willing to sacrifice the wallets of working-class Americans and balloon our nation’s deficit spending to fundamentally transform our nation.”

Lt. Gov. Barnes supports the disastrous economic policies that cripple our economy and leave Wisconsinites holding the bill: 

  • Barnes supported the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act” which raises taxes by more than $300 billion, increases the tax rate paid by nearly all taxpayers, saddles manufacturers with half of all new taxes, and actually increases inflation in the short run and would not reduce inflation any time soon.
  • He advocated for the $1.9 American Rescue Plan, which increased the federal deficit by $1.84 trillion and worsened inflation
  • He touted the reckless $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan, tweeting “we gotta go big.”
  • The Evers-Barnes budget proposal included raising the gas tax, limiting the manufacturing and agriculture tax credit, ending long-term capital gains tax exemptions, and rolling back property tax protections.