Johnson Campaign Launches “Mandela Barnes Question of the Day”

Lieutenant Governor Barnes, the Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate, has earned a reputation as a carefully scripted and consultant-driven candidate whose principal campaign strategy is to avoid answering questions about his record and agenda. To expose Barnes’ tactic of hiding from the voters of Wisconsin, Senator Johnson’s campaign is launching a daily series called the Mandela Barnes Question of the Day.

Each day, the Johnson campaign will pose a question that Barnes should be forced to answer as a candidate for the Senate representing Wisconsin. The Johnson campaign invites the media, who have also had difficulty getting Barnes on the record on key issues, to keep track and help voters stay informed on what Barnes’ answers – or non-answers – turn out to be.

“Reporters have tough enough jobs without having to chase down a candidate who is running a campaign based almost entirely on slick television ads and avoiding facing questions from the press,” said Mike Marinella, spokesman for the Ron Johnson campaign. “If he wants to be senator, Barnes must actually face the voters, answer questions from the media, and explain the radical leftist positions he’s always held. Ron Johnson is accessible. Barnes must be as well.”

In the first installment of the Mandela Barnes Question of the Day, the Johnson campaign asks:

“Joe Biden concealed his agenda from voters by hiding in his basement and avoiding the media, and Wisconsinites are now suffering because of it. Are you trying the same trick?”