Barnes: Biden BS Degree Bailout “A Good First Step”

OSHKOSH – Lt. Gov. Barnes finally weighed in on President Biden’s taxpayer-funded giveaway to people who took out student loans, after weeks of dodging the press. His answer: it’s a “first step.”

The obvious follow up is, a first step toward what? Lt. Gov. Barnes is endorsed by People’s Action, a far left group that said Barnes is “one of us” and that Barnes “will work to advance the People’s Action People’s Platform once elected.”

Here’s the People’s Action platform on higher education (pg. 9):

  • “Free college for all” including illegal immigrants and felons currently in jail.
  • Taxpayer-funded tuition, books and even living expenses.
  • Full student debt forgiveness.

Ron Johnson campaign senior advisor Ben Voelkel said the following:

“Now we know why Lt. Gov. Barnes’ handlers don’t want him answering questions – because it becomes clear just how extreme his positions are as soon as he opens his mouth. Lt. Gov. Barnes wants to transfer all student debt to taxpayers, and give illegal immigrants a free ride. It’s lunacy, but it is who Mandela Barnes is.”