Barnes Ducks Biden Visit to Wisconsin

OSHKOSH – Today, President Biden decided to spend Labor Day in Milwaukee despite crippling American workers from his disastrous policies. Although Lt. Gov. Barnes invited Biden to campaign with him, he did not join Biden today in fear of Biden’s unpopular presidency. Barnes has supported the same out-of-touch policies that have left Biden reeling.  

“The Biden-Barnes agenda is wrong for Wisconsin and stifles workers with higher taxes, more inflation, unsafe communities, and economic uncertainty,” said Ben Voelkel, Senior Advisor for the Johnson campaign.

Biden’s presidency has undoubtedly hurt Wisconsin workers, and Barnes supports all the same radical policies that have produced the pain: 

  • 40-year high inflation
  • Record gas prices
  • Skyrocketing crime
  • Open borders  and deadly drugs on our streets
  • Baby formula shortages
  • And now, transferring college debt onto the backs of workers who never went to college or paid off their loans