Breaking the Bank: New Barnes Ad Ignores Skyrocketing Inflation

OSHKOSH – The Barnes campaign released a new ad of Lt. Gov. Barnes unpacking groceries onto a kitchen counter while he attempts to defend his failed policies. The campaign must have spent a pretty penny at the grocery store to do his new ad, as whole milk (+11.78%), a loaf of bread (+20.57%), romaine lettuce (+11.67%), deli meat (+21.53%), white (+35.06%) and yellow (+50.79%) onions, and avocados (+40.19%) have all seen skyrocketing price increases due to record inflation from the failed Democrat policies and out-of-control spending that he supports.

Lt. Gov. Barnes supports the radical policies that have crippled the economy and hurt Wisconsin families and small businesses:

  • Barnes supported the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act” which actually increases inflation, raises taxes by more than $300 billion, and adds 87,000 new IRS agents.
  • He advocated Biden’s radical tax-and-spend agenda responsible for sparking the record-high inflation.
  • The Evers-Barnes budget proposed to raise the gas tax, limit manufacturing and agriculture tax credit, and roll back property tax protections.
  • Barnes believes we must “stymie capitalism” to address his radical climate change policies. 

“Lt. Gov. Barnes is trying to hide from the fact that he is just another tax-and-spend Democrat dead set on sticking low- and middle-income earners with the bill for his liberal wish list,” Ron Johnson campaign spokesman Alec Zimmerman said. “Wisconsin cannot afford Barnes’ radical policies.”