Biden Brings Failed Policies to Wisconsin

OSHKOSH – Joe Biden announced a Labor Day trip to Wisconsin, presumably to prop up the campaign of career politician Mandela Barnes. Barnes has previously welcomed the unpopular president to Wisconsin, saying he should “come on down.”

“Lt. Gov. Barnes and President Biden are a couple career politicians who think hardworking people’s money is theirs to redistribute to special interests, so it is no surprise electing Lt. Gov. Barnes is President Biden’s top priority,” said Ben Voelkel, Senior Advisor for the Johnson campaign. “Whether it is Barnes’ lockstep support for the Biden tax hikes and inflation agenda or adopting President Biden’s strategy to answer as few questions as is humanly possible, a vote for Lt. Gov. Barnes is just a vote for President Biden.” 

Biden’s presidency has undoubtedly hurt Wisconsin workers, and Barnes supports all the same radical policies that have produced the pain: 

  • 40-year high inflation
  • Record gas prices
  • Skyrocketing crime
  • A flood of illegal immigrants and deadly drugs on our streets
  • Baby formula shortages
  • And now, transferring college debt onto the backs of workers who never went to college or paid off their loans.

It’s no wonder Biden’s popularity is waning in Wisconsin, and prominent Wisconsin liberals have reportedly broken with Barnes – urging against a Biden trip to Wisconsin. Will Barnes and Biden make an appearance together while the president is in town?