Johnson Lays Out Plan To Protect Social Security and Medicare

OSHKOSH  – In a new “Just The Truth” column on today, Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) debunked the false attacks about his stance on Social Security and Medicare, addressed our reckless deficit spending and growing national debt, and laid out a comprehensive plan for the future viability of the programs.

“Without oversight, and because of neglect, the entitlement programs so many Americans now rely on are not on a sustainable course,” wrote Senator Johnson. “According to its trustees, the Social Security Trust Fund will be depleted by 2035. The Medicare Part A Trust Fund will be depleted by 2028. No one can say with certainty what will actually happen when these trust funds run dry.”

Senator Johnson also noted, “The government has made promises it cannot keep. Unfortunately, most in Washington would rather demagogue than have serious conversations to save these important programs. I will not shy away from this conversation. It’s too important to all Americans and the nation’s future.”

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