Johnson Ad Highlights Humble Beginnings, Hard Work

OSHKOSH  – U.S. Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) released an ad today detailing his childhood and working-class upbringing, working alternating 12-hour shifts at the manufacturing company he started with his brother-in-law, and his charitable work in his Oshkosh community. The ad, which features pictures of Ron and his family throughout the years, is narrated by his brother Dean.

“Senator Johnson’s work and family define him. He and his brothers and sisters were raised by two loving parents with deep faith and taught him the value of work. As a young man, he shoveled driveways, mowed lawns, delivered papers, caddied, played little league baseball, and baled hay on his uncle’s farm. At fifteen, he got a dishwashing job at Walgreen’s Grill and became a night manager before he was sixteen.”

“After college, he married Jane, his wife of 45 years. They moved to Oshkosh to start a manufacturing business with Jane’s brother. For the first year, the two traded twelve-hour shifts. Over the next thirty years, Senator Johnson performed just about every task in that business. He installed and operated the equipment, loaded trucks, kept the books, and sold his products all over the world. His business didn’t export jobs, it exported plastic. His quiet but extensive charitable work was never done for show but simply to lend a helping hand – a value he learned from our parents. He’s my brother, and my best friend.”

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