Sen. Ron Johnson and NRSC Release Ad on Rising Inflation

OSHKOSH  – U.S. Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) and the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) jointly released a new ad today on the effects of Joe Biden’s inflation tax on Wisconsin families. The ad is part of a seven-figure statewide television and digital ad buy. 

The ad explains how Biden’s massive deficit spending has led to skyrocketing inflation, record-high gas prices, and increased costs on everyday goods.

“$5,000 a year – that’s the burden of Joe Biden’s inflation tax on Wisconsin families. They can’t afford it. From the grocery store to the gas station, we’re all paying the price for Biden’s massive deficit spending,” the ad says. “Ron Johnson has the courage to say no to spending that is mortgaging our children’s future, and his small business tax cuts helped them compete and survive the pandemic.”

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“Ron Johnson spends every day fighting back against Joe Biden and the Democrats’ radical spending agenda that’s caused record gas prices and skyrocketing inflation, hurting Wisconsin families. Wisconsinites deserve a Senator in Washington who will fight for them, rather than for Joe Biden’s agenda and the liberal special interests that are destroying the American economy and forcing us into a recession. That Senator is Ron Johnson.” – NRSC Chairman Rick Scott