ICYMI: Democrats Distract from Policy Failures

OSHKOSH  – In an article published in the Daily Wire previewing the Wisconsin U.S. Senate race, Ron Johnson highlighted Joe Biden and the Democrats’ policy failures that have led to rising crime, a humanitarian and security crisis at the border, food shortages, and massive inflation

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‘A Partisan Exercise’: Ron Johnson Says Democrats Are Using Jan. 6 Hearings To Distract From Policy Failures

Leif Le Mahieu

The Daily Wire

June 21, 2022

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) said Tuesday that the ongoing January 6 committee hearings were designed by Democrats to distract from the “disastrous result of their policies.”

Johnson, who is seeking a third term as senator, said that the hearings were a “partisan exercise”, and pointed to high inflation, President Biden’s border policies, and rising crime as consequences of Democratic policies.


“This U.S. Senate race is crucial if we want to gain the majority, if we want to stop the Biden agenda,” Johnson said, adding that Democrat policies were to blame for record gas prices and baby formula shortages.

If Republicans take back the Senate in 2022, Johnson said that they “need to stop the Biden agenda that is destroying our country, and do anything [we] possibly can as a legislature to end his destructive agenda.”

His agenda for 2025, should Republicans gain control of the White House and both chambers, would include supporting law enforcement, increasing funding for the military, pursuing energy independence, creating a simpler tax code, and cutting back on deficit spending.

Johnson also said that more people need to be brought into the workforce, noting that manufacturers in Wisconsin were struggling to find workers.