Sen. Johnson Re-election Raises $7.1 Million in Q1 Fundraising Total

OSHKOSH  – The Ron Johnson for Senate campaign announced today the senator’s re-election effort raised a total of $7.1 million this quarter.

“Senator Johnson’s strong fundraising quarter shows broad support for his campaign,” said Jake Wilkins, Ron Johnson for Senate Communications Director. “He is using these resources to counter the lies and distortions of multiple Democrat candidates, liberal dark money groups, and biased media. Since Democrats cannot defend the disastrous results of their policies – record gasoline prices, 40-year high inflation, a flood of illegal immigration, rising crime, and a weakened America – they resort to the politics of personal destruction. Senator Johnson will continue to tell the truth, focus on the issues that concern Wisconsinites, and highlight his record of significant accomplishments.”

In addition to the $7.1 million raised for the Ron Johnson re-election effort:

  • Over 40,000 donors contributed with over 71,000 total donations made.
  • 95% of donations were under $200.
  • 35,301 donors gave 56,393 times online, raising $2.1 million with an average donation of $38, a sign Ron Johnson is building an online grassroots army of small-dollar donors.