Sen. Ron Johnson’s Opponent Smears His Covid-19 Comments About Mouthwash That Actually Came From The NIH

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Democrat Senate candidate Sarah Godlewski lied to voters about opponent Sen. Ron Johnson’s stance on Covid in an ad that aired last week. In the ad, Godlewski falsely claimed Johnson told Americans to “take mouthwash to cure Covid” and accused him of spewing “conspiracies.” 

If that’s the case, then the National Institutes of Health is the real “conspiracy theorist,” because that’s the institution that originally offered guidance to Americans telling them that mouthwash can help fight Covid-19 germs.

What Johnson actually said is a far cry from Godlewski’s accusation, according to a transcript of his comments. Upon voicing his concerns about rising cases of Covid, the senator urged constituents to take Covid seriously and use all avenues to stay safe, including mouthwash, which is proven to reduce viral loads. 

The mouthwash recommendation did not come from Johnson but the National Institutes of Health. As shown on the NIH Library of Medicines’ website, the NIH recommends using mouthwash as it may “reduce the SARS-CoV-2 viral load in saliva.”

Johnson did not say nor imply that mouthwash cures Covid. He only reiterated NIH guidelines about how to reduce symptoms.

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