Ron Johnson Launches New TV Ad with Unifying Message of Safe, Prosperous, and Secure Wisconsin and America

Ron thanks Wisconsinites for their prayers, courage, and kindness

The Ron Johnson campaign today launched a statewide television ad with Ron speaking straight to the camera thanking Wisconsinites for their prayers and kindness. The ad, which you can watch here, is entitled, “Hope,” and features Ron offering a unifying message that we all share the same goals of a safe, prosperous, and secure Wisconsin and America.

Ron opens the ad by saying, “Know what gives me hope? You do. Your prayers and your kindness, your hard work and courage.”

He then continues by saying, “We are a great nation full of wonderful people. But we face enormous challenges. Here’s the good news – we really do share the same goal. We all want a safe, prosperous, and secure Wisconsin and America. And we are concerned about each other. That’s not a bad place to start.”

Ron closes the ad by saying, “I’m Ron Johnson and I approve this message, and I’m asking for your help and your vote.”

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