Ron Johnson Launches Statewide Students For RonJon Coalition

Coalition is made up of students from colleges and universities across Wisconsin
Ron Johnson launched his statewide Students for RonJon Coalition today. The coalition is made up of students across Wisconsin who are standing with Ron because of his work to get Washington out of the way of the good Wisconsin jobs that these students will be searching for when they graduate.

The coalition has more than 1,000 members at 21 schools across the state with co-chairs at each school. Members of the leadership team issued the following statements:

Alex Walker, UW-Madison Chairman/Wisconsin Federation of College Republicans Chairman: “I support Ron Johnson because he’s a common-sense legislator who is making a difference in Washington. He’s a life-long job creator with a track record of getting things done. While Russ Feingold wants us students to be dependent on the government when we graduate, Ron Johnson wants us to find a job when we graduate.”

Eric Fischer, UW-Green Bay Chair: “I truly feel that Ron represents what’s best for this state and this country moving forward. He’s not the corrupt career politician that his opponent is. And that’s why I stand with Ron.”

Haley Steiner, Milwaukee School of Engineering Chair: “Ron Johnson has the experience, skills, and integrity needed to continue to serve Wisconsin. Ron values Wisconsin families and workers over his place in Washington, unlike career politician Russ Feingold.”

Taylor Skrowski, UW-Oshkosh Chair: “I support Ron Johnson because he is fighting for Wisconsinites to be able to keep more of their hard earned money, instead of having to send portions of it to Washington.  He supports Wisconsin’s farmers and defends our Second Amendment rights!”

Anne Karsten, Concordia University Chair: “I support Ron Johnson because he supports a free, growing economy which is the environment I want to enter when I leave college. His opponent has proven to fight for the Washington elite rather than me and my peers. The policies Ron supports are pro-student, rewarding the risk taker and the innovator.”

Ben Stelter, UW-Lacrosse Chair: “Ron Johnson knows that reducing studentloan debt is best accomplished by lowering price of tuition to begin with. It is refreshing to hear a Senator Johnson talk about the root cause of the problem, instead of addressing the symptoms.”

Key Facts:
  • Ron Johnson is a manufacturer from Oshkosh with a record of creating good-paying jobs. He helped start PACUR – a manufacturing company that exports plastic, not Wisconsin jobs.
  • Ron has voted to stabilize and lower interest rates, and was key in extending the Perkins Loan program.
  • Ron’s record of getting things done for Wisconsin as Chairman of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee includes 100 hearings and roundtables and 28 bills passed into law.