Ron Johnson Announces the Endorsement of the Tavern League of Wisconsin

Ron Johnson announced today that the Tavern League of Wisconsin is endorsing his bid for U.S. Senate. The Tavern League – a non-partisan trade association with 5,000 members that has backed Ron’s opponent, Senator Feingold, in the past – will be a crucial part of the Johnson campaign’s grassroots effort in the final two weeks.

Ron Johnson said: “As a manufacturer, I understand the challenges facing small businesses – and you don’t get much more Wisconsin than our bar and tavern owners, so I’m certainly raising a glass over this one,” Ron Johnson said. “We need to get Washington out of the way so our bar and tavern owners – and the good folks they employ – are able to keep more money in their pockets and help create more jobs and economic opportunity for working families across Wisconsin.”

Terry Harvath, President of the Tavern League of Wisconsin, said: “As an organization of small business owners trying to create jobs in our local communities, we appreciate having someone fighting for us who knows what it’s like. Ron Johnson’s background as a manufacturer means he knows how to get results, and Wisconsin’s tavern owners are proud to stand with him because we need more people like him in Washington.”

Key Facts:
  • The Tavern League of Wisconsin has endorsed a wide range of Republicans and Democrats in past elections, including Senator Feingold in 2010. Owners of bars and taverns who want to place information on Ron’s candidacy in their establishments will now be able to do so with the Tavern League’s official endorsement.
  • Ron helped start his own business in 1979, an Oshkosh manufacturing company. He supports getting Washington out of the way of jobs and economic growth by scrapping our current tax code in favor of pro-growth tax reform, and cutting back on burdensome regulations that make it harder and more expensive for businesses to grow.