What They Are Saying: Momentum is With Ron Johnson in the Final Two Weeks of the Election

The momentum is clearly with Ron Johnson in the final two weeks of the election, from the lead he’s taken in fundraising to a series of new ads to a statewide tour of Wisconsin with Gov. Scott Walker – who had some choice words for Senator Feingold.

Check out what they’re saying:

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

In a jab at the Feingold campaign, Ankney wrote: *While we knew they spent a lot on ineffective TV ads, we did not realize just how inefficient their operation is, spending millions on operating and fundraising costs alone over the most recent three-month period.”

Ankney said the Johnson campaign has made more than 2.5 million voter contacts, including knocking on more than 1.3 million doors. The campaign said it had 80 field staffers and 40 offices open statewide.

On Monday, the Johnson campaign launched a digital ad aimed at Progressives United PAC, which Feingold helped create after he was ousted from the Senate in 2010.

The ad criticizes the way Progressives United spent its money.

From Politico Morning Score:

GOP Sen. Ron Johnson’s campaign is out with a new digital ad attacking Democrat Russ Feingold over a PAC that spent little on helping candidates. Watch the ad here.

From the Associated Press:

… Johnson’s campaign released a memo expressing confidence in the race based on their internal polling, voter contacts, campaign staffing and volunteer efforts and cash on hand.

“There’s no doubt that we enter the final two weeks of the campaign with the wind at our backs and Senator Feingold and his team on the run,” said Johnson’s campaign manager Betsy Ankney.

From Fox 6:

“He lied! He lied,” Walker said of Feingold. “He`s trying to bamboozle people into believing he`s something different than he really is.”

Johnson and Walker criticized Feingold for use of a political action committee, which they say was a “money-making machine” that gave little funding to candidates and spent most of it on overhead costs.