#RonOnTheRoad: Ron’s week in review

After two fantastic debate performances, a series of ads cutting through the clutter, and numbers showing this race tightening to a dead heat, there’s no doubt the momentum is on our side. Here’s Ron’s week in review:cu6-zl2wyaeulkl

Ron started the week with a trip to Lambeau Field with Jane and some of the family to watch the Packers game!

New Ads:

Ron’s family, including his grandchildren, starred in a new ad about why Ron is running. He’s ready and willing to clean up the mess in Washington — just like he cleans up the mess at home, as you can see from the ad titled “Diapers.” 

We also launched an ad about how Senator Feingold says one thing and does another on Social Security — and as a Wisconsinite at the end says, “Doesn’t surprise me at all. That’s Russ.”


After Ron won the WISN debate in Milwaukee it was clear why he has the momentum entering the final weeks of the campaign – his manufacturer’s approach to problem solving is a stark contrast to Senator Feingold’s 34 years as a career politician saying one thing and doing another. Ron won tonight’s debate and will win again in November because he’s a hard worker who Wisconsinites trust to clean up the mess in Washington.

Check out some of the best highlights:




Finally, check out why Becky is on #TeamRonJon and our supporter of the week!

With just 16 days left until election day, this race is now a dead heat, and it’s in part thanks to your efforts that we are in the position we are in!