Ron Johnson Campaign Launches New Social Security Ad

Wisconsin Seniors Share Their Disappointment With Senator Feingold Saying One Thing And Doing Another With Critical Safety Net
The Ron Johnson campaign today released another new statewide television and digital ad targeting Senator Russ Feingold’s practice of saying one thing and doing another – this time on Social Security.

The ad, “That’s Russ,” which you can watch here, features interviews with Wisconsin seniors talking about the importance of Social Security in their lives and the impact Senator Feingold’s record of voting to raise taxes on Social Security has on their lives.

“Senator Feingold says one thing and does another on every issue – including Social Security, saying he wants to protect seniors but voting to raise taxes on their benefits,” Johnson campaign spokesman Brian Reisinger said. “After 34 years as a career politician, Senator Feingold can’t hide from his record, which has hurt Wisconsin seniors for decades.”

Earlier this week, the campaign released “Thanks for Nothing” an ad featuring man-on-the-street interviews of Wisconsinites talking about their experiences with Obamacare. The campaign also released a digital ad last week with President Bill Clinton’s remark that Obamacare was the “craziest thing in the world.”

Key Facts:
  • Senator Feingold voted to raise taxes on Social Security benefits on 5.5 million retirees. “An estimated 5.5 million Social Security retirees would have to pay a higher tax as a result of the change, which is expected to raise $24.5 billion over the next five years.” (David Hess, “Income Tax Hike On Social Security Angers Older Americans,” The Philadelphia Inquirer, 8/10/93)