Ron Johnson Wins First Debate, Will Continue Talking About Working for Wisconsin Tonight

Ron Johnson won Friday night’s debate with Senator Feingold in Green Bay on Friday night by focusing on the work he’s doing for all Wisconsinites to create economic growth, combat the harm of Obamacare, and keep local communities safe from threats to our national security.

With the next debate tonight in Milwaukee, Ron is preparing to combat the slick talk and misleading attacks Senator Feingold is no doubt preparing to deliver. One thing will remain true: Ron has closed the gap in this race because Wisconsinites prefer an Oshkosh manufacturer and outsider getting things done to a 34-year career politician saying one thing and doing another.

Check the coverage of Ron’s win from Friday’s debate:

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “On the Affordable Care Act, Johnson called Obamacare ‘an unmitigated disaster,’ vowing he would eliminate the individual mandate and allow people to purchase health insurance across state lines. Johnson said he would keep the provision that allows those 26 and under to remain on their parents’ health plan. ‘Obamacare is a massive consumer fraud,’ Johnson said, calling for ‘free-market, patient-centered reforms.’

On national security, Johnson said the country has to stop ‘hollowing out its military,’ and said ‘America has to lead.’ He criticized Feingold’s plan to combat the Islamic State and claimed that as a senator, Feingold voted against measures to help law enforcement and the military contain threats.’”

WUWM Milwaukee: “‘Growing our economy and making sure it reaches its full potential, strengthening our military, defeating ISIS, securing our border, we have to commit to doing that,’ Johnson says.

Johnson touted a project that he started, to help connect unemployed people in Milwaukee with manufacturing jobs. ‘We’ve hit on a formula using the Greater Praise Church of God in Christ and Pastor Jerome Smith who identifies people who are in that situation and then we go in for a week, we provide soft skills training and we set them up with interviews. 20 wonderful companies are hiring people from the Joseph Project, it has an incredibly high retention rate,’ Johnson says. Johnson says the initiative has resulted in transforming people’s lives, since it began last year.

Then, the debate moved on to skyrocketing student debt. Johnson says he’s played a commanding role in making college more affordable. ‘I was the leader in making sure that Perkins loans were extended for another two years. I supported the Student Loan Certainty Act which lowered interest rates so, I support whoever wants to have a college education,’ Johnson says.”

ABC Duluth: “Johnson touted the Joseph Project he started to help connect people in the inner cities with manufacturing jobs. He says that effort he started is the answer to helping people in struggling inner cities find jobs. His answer came in response to a question about how to tackle conflicts between police and minority communities.

Johnson says Feingold is a career politician whose solution to every problem is to grow government. … But Johnson says he has a record of accomplishment during his first term in the Senate and his experience building a plastics manufacturing company in Wisconsin makes him more qualified to know how to build jobs in the private sector.”