Ron Johnson Launches TV Ad on Cleaning Up the Mess in Washington

Johnson family reprises role in campaign, this time complete with grandchildren

Ron Johnson launched his latest statewide TV and digital ad today, taking voters inside the Johnson home as Ron changes his grandson’s dirty diaper and talks with his family about combating the state of our politics and cleaning up the mess in Washington. The ad, entitled “Diapers” — which you can watch here — has Ron’s family reprising their role in the campaign as Ron works to keep America strong for future generations.

The ad starts in the kitchen with Ron’s wife Jane stating that she hoped Ron wouldn’t run for a second term and his daughter Carey saying that “politics have been pretty disgusting lately,” before his other daughter Jenna says, “if you ask me, vicious.”

The ad then turns to Ron in another room who is changing the diaper of his grandson when Jenna says “now we have kids” and Carey responds with “I’m even more concerned with the future.”

Jenna then says, “just like dad helps with the kids…” with Carey continuing her thought by stating “he’s exactly the guy we need to clean up the mess in Washington.”

The ad closes with Ron walking into the kitchen holding his grandson and tossing the diaper in the trash from across the room with Ron saying, “I’m Ron Johnson and I approve this message.”

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