Ron Johnson Launches New TV Ad Featuring Wisconsinites Who Know that Ron is “Working for Us”

The Ron Johnson campaign today released a new TV and digital ad featuring Wisconsin folks who know that Ron’s there for the right reasons, working hard for Wisconsinites, and getting results using his private sector experience.

The ad, “Working for Us,” shows that Ron is an Oshkosh manufacturer who is using an outsider’s approach to get things done for Wisconsinites. An interviewer asks folks, “Why do you like Ron Johnson?”

A series of Wisconsinites, young and old, give their answers:

“Ron’s business background gives us the perspective we need in Washington.”

“He’s not a career politician; he’s a businessman…he’s not voting with reelection in mind, he’s voting with the American people in mind.”

“Ron comes from business just like me. He knows what it’s going to take to bring our country back.”

“Ron is working for us.”

“He’s straight forward, he doesn’t mince words. He will tell you the truth.”

Finally, the ad closes with a gentleman saying that Ron “gets things done.”

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