Ron’s record of getting things done for Wisconsin


From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

The committee chaired by Republican U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson has held more than 100 hearings and round tables and gotten 28 bills through committee and signed into law, according to a report released Thursday.

The 27-page report highlights the activities of the Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs during the 114th Congress. The committee has a wide brief that includes areas like border and immigration security and government oversight.

Johnson is in a tight re-election fight with Democrat Russ Feingold and the publication of the document comes just a day before the candidates meet in their first debate in Green Bay.

The document said the committee has passed “legislation to strengthen border security, improve detection of human trafficking, enhance federal agency cyber-security practices and protect our critical infrastructure.” It also points to Johnson’s report on the troubled Tomah Veterans Affairs Medical facility, which was at the center of a scandal involving the over-prescription of addictive medications.

“Beyond diagnosing problems, the committee worked together to approve bipartisan legislation on challenging issues by finding common ground, including legislation to improve the regulatory process and streamline regulations,” the report said.