Ron Johnson Campaign Launches Second Obamacare Ad, “Not Pretending”

Senator Feingold’s Continued Support For Obamacare Contrasts Sharply With Experiences Of Wisconsin Families

The Ron Johnson campaign today released its second ad this week taking Senator Russ Feingold to task for his continued support for Obamacare, even as new numbers released last week revealed that health insurance rates will be increasing by as much as 30 percent for Wisconsin families next year.

The ad, “Not Pretending,” features a straight to camera testimonial by a Wisconsin nurse whose family’s health insurance costs under Obamacare now cost more than their mortgage. Gina had to go from a part time-job to full-time employment just to be able to afford her health insurance premiums. The ad takes its name from Senator Feingold’s remark that Obamacare is “by no means as bad as some people pretended it was.

“Senator Feingold promised working families like Gina’s that Obamacare would reduce costs and that they could keep their health care plan – and he still backs this disastrous law even after those promises are broken,” campaign spokesman Brian Reisinger said. “After 34 years as a career politician, Senator Feingold has no problem saying one thing and doing another, and is so out of touch with Wisconsin working families that he thinks people are only pretending Obamacare is wreaking havoc on their lives.”
Earlier this week, the campaign released “Thanks for Nothing” an ad featuring man-on-the-street interviews of Wisconsinites talking about their experiences with Obamacare. The campaign also released a digital ad last week with President Bill Clinton’s remark that Obamacare was the “craziest thing in the world.”

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