Democrats Shamelessly Attack Johnson Family Charity

Grammie Jean Foundation, named in honor of Ron’s deceased mother, has donated more than $550,000 to charitable and educational programs since 2008
Earlier today, liberal website ran a column based on false, baseless allegations Senator Feingold’s allies have spread against the Grammie Jean Foundation, the non-profit established by the Johnson family in 2008 to provide donations to worthwhile charitable and educational programs in memory of Ron’s late mother, Jean Johnson. In response to political attacks — previously debunked and rejected prior to publication by numerous news organizations  —the Ron Johnson for Senate campaign issued the following statement:

“This is a new low in Wisconsin politics – Senator Feingold’s allies are attacking a charitable nonprofit foundation that was named for Ron Johnson’s late mother and has carried on her legacy of kindness and generosity. It’s not surprising, though, coming from someone who takes speaking fees from nonprofits and used his donors’ money to buy leather-bound copies of his own book. Not only is the Grammie Jean Foundation in complete compliance with the law, it has given hundreds of thousands of dollars to worthy causes, funded quietly by the Johnson family without any personal gain or desire for recognition.” — Brian Reisinger, Johnson for Senate communications director

Background on the Grammie Jean Foundation

  • Established in 2008 in memory of Jean Johnson, operated by her husband Dale until his passing in 2014.
  • Has donated more than $550,000 to charitable and educational organizations and causes since its inception, far exceeding federal guidelines for charitable giving for foundations of its type.
  • The Grammie Jean Foundation giving decreased in 2014 following Dale Johnson’s death, but due to a balance built up over years of generous giving it remained in compliance with all federal regulations.
  • In 2015, giving increased again, and the Grammie Jean Foundation distributed more than $110,000 in contributions, roughly $13,000 above federal requirements.
  • Under IRS requirements, if a charitable organization like Grammie Jean Foundation were to cease operations, remaining funds must go to a similar organization or be subject to penalty.
  • Organizations benefiting from the Grammie Jean Foundation include Unified Catholic Schools of Oshkosh, Feed My Starving Children, National Sports Center for the Disabled, Wounded Warrior Project, Stars and Stripes Honor Flight, Oshkosh Boys and Girls Club, St. Jude Children’s Hospital, the American Red Cross, Opera House of Oshkosh, and more.