Ron Johnson Enters Home Stretch With More Than $5.4 Million Cash on Hand

Challenges Senator Feingold to release his cash on hand number after wasteful spending leaves tight race in Wisconsin

Ron Johnson will enter the final weeks of the U.S. Senate election with $5.4 million cash on hand after raising $4 million, his highest total to date and a 42 percent increase in fundraising in the third quarter. Johnson campaign spokesman Brian Reisinger made the following statement:

“The surge in support Ron is receiving as we make clear the choice in this election shows beyond a doubt we’ll have the resources we need to beat Senator Feingold again in November, as we’ve known all along. We couldn’t help but notice that Senator Feingold isn’t saying how much money he has on hand in the home stretch – could it be that like a typical Washington career politician, he’s wasted it?”


  • Ron Johnson has $5.4 million cash on hand after raising a record-breaking $4 million in the third quarter, a 42 percent percent increase in fundraising since the second quarter. Senator Feingold only had a 27 percent increase from the second quarter to the third quarter.
  • Ron has received 81,000 donations from Wisconsinites this election cycle – compared to Senator Feingold, whose broken promise to raise most his money in Wisconsin is the subject of a new attack ad paid for with six-figures in new financial support by the National Republican Senatorial Committee. Feingold has raised 70 percent of his money from out of state.
  • Ron was in the top three among Senate Republicans as of the second quarter.