Ron Johnson, the Senate’s Only Manufacturer, Marks Beginning of Manufacturing Month After Statewide Tour

Ron Johnson recognized the start of Manufacturing Month with a statewide tour that included visits to some of Wisconsin’s great manufacturers, including stops at Performance Micro Tool in Janesville and Amerilux International in De Pere.

“October is manufacturing month here in the state of Wisconsin – of course, that’s my background. We need to create an environment for business investment, business expansion, job creation, so everyone can succeed. We have to reduce the regulatory burden, we have to stand up for a competitive tax system, and we should use our God-given energy resources to keep energy prices low so we can compete globally.”  – Ron Johnson, Oshkosh Manufacturer

Key Facts

  • Ron Johnson is a manufacturer from Oshkosh with a record of creating good-paying jobs. He helped start PACUR – a manufacturing company that exports plastic, not Wisconsin jobs.
  • There are nearly 475,000 manufacturing jobs in Wisconsin, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, making it one of the biggest parts of our state’s economy and a crucial part of how Wisconsinites feed their families and pay the bills.
  • In August, Ron launched his statewide manufacturers coalition which advises Ron on the economic, tax, and regulatory issues affecting manufacturers in Wisconsin.