ICYMI: Ron Johnson Says We Must Defeat ISIS, “the Greatest Destabilizing Force Today in the World”

In case you missed it, Ron Johnson joined Wolf Blitzer on CNN to discuss how and why we must defeat ISIS after more attacks.

Ron is taking quick action after these recent attacks in Minnesota and New York and sent a letter to the Department of Homeland Security asking for information on the suspected terrorists. He said, “It is important for Congress to learn more about these individuals in order to understand and evaluate the department’s efforts to counter homegrown radical extremism.”

You can read the full story here and see his interview with Wolf Blitzer here or read key excerpts below:

Wolf, we are not fighting a winning battle here when we are dealing with these inspired lone wolves or even potentially directed wolf packs as we experienced in Istanbul and Brussels airport. We actually have to address the root cause, which is defeating ISIS. And that was the goal that President Obama laid out two years ago.

[Islamic terror] is the greatest destabilizing force today in the world, and we are not adequately addressing it as a civilized world, and we are not adequately leading as the world’s sole superpower — the one nation that really can have the moral authority to try and lead on this issue.

National security, economic security are inextricably linked. We have to have a strong economy, so we can strengthen our military, so we can defeat ISIS, so we can secure our border. These things we must do, and unfortunately the debate today has devolved into just corollary issues when this is really the central issue of our time.