What They’re Saying: Ron Helps Green Bay Family Bring Home Adopted Daughter from the Congo

Yesterday, Ron launched his next statewide TV and digital ad on helping a Wisconsin family bring their adopted daughter home from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

When Ron heard about the challenges facing the Craig family and other Wisconsin families, he personally stepped in, helping to pass legislation and creating pressure for the Congolese government to release the children. Read more about Ron working for Wisconsin families:

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: The Craigs credit Johnson for helping to pass legislation that paved the way for them to bring their daughter home to Wisconsin.”

WisPolitics.com: “She opens the ad saying 25 children from the African country died waiting to come home after their adoptions were completed, and there weren’t clear reasons why they couldn’t leave. … ‘I mean, I can’t even tell you how that felt,’ she says, her voice cracking slightly. ‘He was going to do whatever he could to get these kids home.’”

Politico: “Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson is airing a new TV ad highlighting his work to help families bring home children they had adopted from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Twenty-five children had died while waiting to leave for the United States. The ad features a testimonial from the mother of one of the children.”

Fox 11 Green Bay: