Ron Johnson Launches TV Ad on Helping Wisconsin Family Bring Adopted Child Home from the Congo

“He was going to do whatever he could to get these kids home.”

The Ron Johnson campaign launched its next statewide TV and digital ad today on Ron helping a Wisconsin family bring their adopted daughter home from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The ad is entitled, “Grace,” and the 30-second and 60-second versions are being released statewide on TV and online. It tells the story of the Craig family from Green Bay who adopted a child from the Congo, but were prevented from bringing their daughter home to Wisconsin. When Ron heard about the challenges facing the Craig family and other Wisconsin families, he personally stepped in, helping to pass legislation and creating pressure for the Congolese government to release the children.

The ad, narrated by Green Bay mother Nicole Craig, includes her recollections of the action Ron took: “We needed somebody to be a voice for these kids. We had a strong player in Senator Johnson. I knew at that point that it was as important to him for her to come home that it was to us. I can’t even tell you how that felt. He was going to do whatever he could to get these kids home.”

Key Facts:

  • The ad features the family of Nicole and Kevin Craig from Green Bay. The Craig family had legally adopted a young girl from the Democratic Republic of the Congo but was prevented by the Congolese government from bringing her home to Wisconsin.
  • Ron stepped in to help the Craig family and other families in Wisconsin and around the United States by co-authoring the Adoptive Family Relief Act. The legislation was signed into law and waived visa renewal fees for families in exceptional circumstances who are trying to bring adoptive children home from foreign countries. Ron also urged the Congolese government to resolve international adoption cases quickly, and called for the U.S. to treat the release of these children as a priority.
  • The Craig family is one of seven Wisconsin families that have now successfully adopted and brought children home from the Congo.