Ron Johnson’s August Around Wisconsin

Another busy month on the books as Ron traveled all across the state for August recess! Ron made 100 stops all over Wisconsin in the last 30 days, talking with folks about how to keep Wisconsin prosperous and America safe.

Here is his August by the numbers:


1,000,000 – The number of volunteer voter contacts made by Wisconsin Republicans in early August when Ron personally hit the mark while knocking on doors in Green Bay. Wisconsin Republicans have made more volunteer voter contacts than any other state in the nation.

450 – The number of Town Chairs Ron announced that will add a new layer to the best-in-the-nation ground game and will mobilize voters in local communities.

350+ – The number of small businesses that signed onto Ron’s Small Business Coalition to fight with Ron for a stronger economy.


100+ – The number of construction companies that joined Ron’s fight to build our local communities.

100+ – The number of manufacturers that joined Ron’s fight to create more good Wisconsin jobs.

100 – The number of stops Ron made in the month of August across Wisconsin, from county fairs to small businesses to meetings with local law enforcement.

39 – The number of years that Ron and Jane celebrated together this month.

39 years

26 – The number of counties Ron hit in his travels across Wisconsin talking with folks about how to create more good Wisconsin jobs and keep local communities safe.

1 – The number of cows we learned were named after Ron when he first won election in 2010.