What They’re Saying: Ron Johnson is Fighting for Wisconsin Workers and Farmers, Not Washington

Yesterday, Ron launched his Hard Hats for RonJon coalition at a work site in Eau Claire and then visited an agriculture business in La Crosse. Ron is on the side of Wisconsin workers and farmers, fighting to allow them to keep more of their own paycheck rather than send it to the bureaucrats in Washington.

Ron’s stops, as well as the launch of a digital ad targeting agricultural and rural areas, drew coverage throughout western Wisconsin. Check out what they’re saying:

WEAU Eau Claire: “Republican senator Ron Johnson says his opponent in the November election, Democrat Russ Feingold, wants to take more out of your paycheck. He made those comments while at a stop in Altoona today to announce a statewide coalition that will mobilize supporters in the Eau Claire area and across the state. Senator Johnson says Wisconsinites are looking for real leadership to know how to grow an economy and he says he can help do that.”

La Crosse Tribune: “Over-regulation is an even bigger issue, he said, costing billions of dollars every year for businesses to comply with federal mandates. That’s money that could be better spent on families and growing businesses, such as St. Joseph or family farms. … As chairman of the Senate’s Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, Johnson said border security is under his jurisdiction. One of the ways to secure the border, he said, was to reform the guest worker program so that states can let in the number of workers they need to fill the needs of industry, such as dairy farming. ‘Agriculture is crucial to the Wisconsin economy,’ Johnson said.”

WQOW Eau Claire: “United States Senator Ron Johnson made a stop in Altoona Monday to kick off his new hard-hat coalition. Johnson met with supporters and members of Royal Construction at a River Prairie Job site where apartments are being built. Johnson said the job site was perfect for the coalition’s message of pushing for development to improve job creation. He said Royal Construction admitted having a hard time finding workers. … ‘In so doing, we kind of degrade the trades,’ Johnson said. ‘Let’s face it. There is nothing wrong with being a carpenter, an electrician or a plumber, or working in manufacturing. They are great jobs and great careers. There is no first or second class rate of realizing full human potential. All work has value.’”

La Crosse Tribune: “Republican Sen. Ron Johnson is targeting rural Coulee Region voters as part of his re-election campaign. Johnson’s camp announced a new ad campaign targeting farmers and other rural voters on Monday in his re-election bid against Democrat Russ Feingold, whom Johnson beat to take the seat in 2010. The digital ads, which will go live in the La Crosse area before spreading to other rural parts of the state, will be visible on digital sites such as Facebook. The ads will focus on rural issues such as proposed Environmental Protection Agency rule changes. The Johnson campaign would not comment about the cost of the ads.”