Ron Johnson Announces More Than 450 Town Chairs to Further Strengthen Grassroots Army

Town chairs add new layer to best-in-the-nation ground game, will mobilize voters in local communities

Ron Johnson today announced more than 450 town chairs who have joined his campaign to further strengthen the best-in-the-nation ground game built by Wisconsin Republicans. These town chairs will work directly with the Ron Johnson campaign and mobilize voters in their local communities.

“We have built a true grassroots army in communities all over Wisconsin,” said Ron Johnson. “Our town chairs will be working each day in their local communities to mobilize voters who are looking for a stronger economy and national security. Our world-class ground game is now stronger than ever, and they’ll power us to victory in November.”

Key Facts:

  • The more than 450 town chairs add another layer to Ron’s grassroots army, working directly with the campaign and Ron’s county coordinatorsin each of Wisconsin’s 72 counties.
  • Ron has further strengthened his ground game by launching statewideVeteransSmall Business, Manufacturing, and Construction Coalitions.
  • This builds upon Wisconsin Republicans’ nationally recognized ground game, which has proven results rare for a battleground state: three victories for governor, flipping swing congressional districts solidly red, and building deep Republican majorities in the state legislature.
  • Wisconsin Republicans have made more than 1 million volunteer voter contacts since early 2015 – more than any other state in the nation. As Chuck Todd’s Meet the Press blog noted, “On the GOP side, there is perhaps no more successful state Republican party than there is in Wisconsin.”
  • Earlier this summer, Ron launched the “Badger Brigade” – more than 100,000 grassroots supporters who are committed to helping Ron win in November.