What They’re Saying: Ron Johnson is Working for Wisconsin Jobs and Communities, Not Washington

Ron launches Small Business Coalition, highlights the work of the Joseph Project

Ron is working hard to support Wisconsin jobs and local communities. On Tuesday, Ron rolled out his Small Business Coalition with more than 300 small businesses, and he spent the rest of the week traveling across Wisconsin talking about how the Joseph Project and private sector growth –  not the federal government’s failed war on poverty –  can make change in our communities.

Local and statewide media covered Ron’s work on this issue. Check out what they’re saying:

WSAU reported that “Senator Ron Johnson launched a statewide Small Business Coalition Tuesday in Schofield. The coalition’s leadership team will consist of 12 small business owners who will advise Johnson’s campaign and attempt to mobilize voters behind Johnson for the November elections. … ‘Members of the small business community that are going to tap into our grass-roots effort, and spread the word about why it’s important for me to win re-election, so I can continue to champion the cause of small businesses and economic growth,’ Johnson said.”

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that “Johnson launched a statewide Small Business Coalition in Schofield, where he met with members of the group to discuss challenges facing the economy. The 12 small business owners will advise Johnson’s campaign and mobilize others across the state to join the effort.”

WisPolitics.com reported that “Johnson, who said violence is no solution, added those programs have trapped people in the nation’s inner cities ‘in a cycle of poverty, dependency and despair.’ … Johnson said the solution lies in faith-based, community-based programs that help people one at a time. As an example, he highlighted the Joseph Project, which helps those in Milwaukee who want to turn their lives around obtain skills and jobs.”

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel noted that “Johnson said the solution to alleviate poverty lies in ‘faith-based, community-based programs, helping individuals one person at a time.’ Republican U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson saidThursday that last weekend’s unrest in Milwaukee was ‘decades in the making’ and caused by the failure of federal programs to combat poverty.‘It’s the fact that well-intentioned programs didn’t work,’ Johnson said during a forum held by WisPolitics.com. … Johnson said the solution to alleviate poverty lies in ‘faith-based, community-based programs, helping individuals one person at a time.’”

Associated Press reported on Ron’s message that “The solution lies in faith-based community programs that connect people with jobs one person at a time, he said, pointing to Project Joseph, a program his aides helped develop that transports Milwaukee residents to jobs in Sheboygan County.”