Ron Johnson Launches Statewide Small Business Coalition

12 member leadership team and more than 350 small businesses from around the state to help mobilize voters who are ready for a stronger economy

Ron Johnson launched his statewide Small Business Coalition today in Schofield, where he met with members of the coalition and the small business community at Melron Corp. to discuss the challenges facing our economy. The coalition leadership team will consist of 12 small business owners who will advise the campaign and mobilize small business owners across the state to join the best-in-the-nation ground game Ron and Wisconsin Republicans have built.

“As a manufacturer, I understand the challenges facing small businesses, and I’m proud to have their support,” Ron Johnson said. “We need to get Washington out of the way of jobs and economic growth for Wisconsin families by scrapping our broken tax code and getting rid of burdensome regulations. These small businesses are the backbone of our local economy, and I’m glad to have them play an integral role in our grassroots effort to win in November.”

Debbie Flood, owner of Melron Corp., the Wausau-area small business where the coalition was launched, said: “As a small business owner trying to create jobs in my community by making things people need, I appreciate having someone fighting for me who knows what it’s like. Ron Johnson’s background as a manufacturer means he knows how to get results – I’m proud to stand with him because we need more people who will take on Washington regulations and help our small businesses create good jobs.”

Key Facts:

  • The coalition will advise Ron on economic, tax, and regulatory issues that affect small businesses. With one in five jobs in Wisconsin created by a new business 5 years old or less, and small businesses making up about 98 percent of all employers in Wisconsin, the impact on Wisconsin jobs is clear.
  • The coalition has more than 350 members, and the coalition leadership team consists of 12 small business owners from around Wisconsin who will help help mobilize their fellow entrepreneurs to join the best-in-the-nation ground game built by Ron and Wisconsin Republicans.
  • For example, the National Federation of Independent Business – the leading small business organization in Wisconsin and the country – has about 11,000 members in Wisconsin who the group will work to mobilize on behalf of Ron Johnson. NFIB endorsed Ron in April.
  • Ron Johnson is an Oshkosh manufacturer who spent 34 years in the private sector creating good Wisconsin jobs.

The following will serve on the Small Business Coalition leadership team:

Greg Archambault, President, Fox River Fiber Co, De Pere
Marty Draxler, Owner, Draxler Transport, Marshfield
Debbie Flood, Owner, Melron Corp, Marathon
Tom Geary, Owner, Freedom Flag and Pole, Eau Claire
Karl Kelz, Owner, Kelz Law Office LLC, Medford
Rep. Dan Knodl, Owner, Reef Point Resort, Germantown
Barry Nelson, Owner, Manitowoc Trading Co, Manitowoc
Jon Olson, Owner, Benefits Solutions of Wisconsin, Medford
David Pace, Owner, Cellox, Reedsburg
Scott Page, Owner, Mix It Up Bakery, Fond du Lac
Rep. David Steffen, Owner, Isaro Consulting Group, Howard
Cory Tomczyk, President, IROW, Mosinee