Ron, Paul Ryan, local leaders opened a new field office in Kenosha


Ron, Paul Ryan, and local leaders joined grassroots supporters at a new field office in Kenosha that will improve upon Wisconsin’s best-in-the-nation ground game. Paul Ryan said, “We’re gonna fight for Ron Johnson; I believe Ron Johnson’s gonna win.”

From the Kenosha News:

Ryan highlighted Johnson, who is running for re-election. He is expected to face former Sen. Russ Feingold, who Johnson defeated in 2010, although Feingold faces a primary challenge from Scott Harbach of Kenosha.

“We’re gonna fight for Ron Johnson; I believe Ron Johnson’s gonna win,” Ryan said.

However, he also admitted that it will be difficult to turn Wisconsin “red” in the presidential election.

“We have historically, at the top of the ticket had a challenge,” Ryan said. “I was on the ticket in 2012 and we couldn’t do it. So, it’s always a challenge. But it’s clearly something we can achieve.”

For his part, Johnson publicly complimented Ryan’s work ethic and said Kenosha is fortunate to be represented by Ryan.

“Intelligence and ideas and courage,” Johnson said of Ryan. “You are so fortunate to have a person like Paul Ryan representing this district. We as Americans are so fortunate to have him be Speaker of the House. He has come up with a rock-solid agenda that not only can unify our party, but can literally unify this nation — put us on that path to prosperity, safety and security.”

Local support

Kenosha County GOP Chairperson Erin Decker said Ryan and Johnson “fired up” the crowd.

“Republicans need to win this fall,” she said. “We need to win so we can move our conservative agenda forward and put the country on the path of fiscal sense.”