Ron Johnson Statement on Official Start of General Election

Ron Johnson released the following statement on the official start of the general election and the choice Wisconsinites will have between himself and Senator Feingold in November:

“I am proud of the work our team and the Republican Party of Wisconsin have done, and I’m confident the grassroots army we’ve built will propel us to victory in November. The choice in this election is clear: between an Oshkosh manufacturer and outsider like me, and a career politician who has made his living on the taxpayers’ dime and doesn’t know the first thing about creating jobs or keeping local communities safe.”

Key Facts:

  • Ron Johnson has a record of creating good Wisconsin jobs and solving problems, starting with the company he helped found in 1979 in Oshkosh. Senator Feingold has spent 34 years in politics, living off of the taxpayers’ dime to the tune of $3 million, and counting.
  • Wisconsin Republicans have made more volunteer voter contacts than any other state in the nation – more than one million to date.
  • The Ron Johnson campaign recently launched the “Badger Brigade” – a group of more than 100,000 grassroots endorsements from Wisconsin supporters who have committed to Ron’s campaign.
  • Ron has grassroots leadership in all of Wisconsin’s 72 counties, and has more than 300 town captains, who recruit and direct volunteers across the state and help spread Ron’s message in their communities and online.
  • Wisconsin Republicans have built a nationally recognized ground game, which has proven results rare for a battleground state: three victories for governor, flipping swing congressional districts solidly red, and building deep Republican majorities in the state legislature.
  • As Chuck Todd’s Meet the Press blog noted, “On the GOP side, there is perhaps no more successful state Republican party than there is in Wisconsin.”