What They’re Saying: Ron and Paul Ryan tout Republican ground game

Ron and Paul Ryan discuss the unity in Wisconsin around a shared agenda of economic prosperity and national security

Ron Johnson and Paul Ryan made stops together at a local Republican Party of Wisconsin field office in Racine to speak with grassroots volunteers and at the Racine County Fair to meet with fair goers. They discussed the strength of Wisconsin’s ground game and the unity in the state around the shared agenda of economic prosperity and national security.

Watch a video compilation of statewide TV coverage here, and see excerpts of what they’re saying below:

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “Johnson rallied about 100 supporters at the Republican Party of Wisconsin’s Racine field office and answered a few questions, making the case that ‘the Democrats and Russ Feingold are just going to grow the government.’ … It’s an enormous contrast.’”

From ABC 12 Milwaukee: “Speaker of the house Paul Ryan and U.S. Senator Ron Johnson speak with voters in Racine. ‘We’re talking about regulatory reform, we’re talking about having a competitive tax system, we’re talking about actually reforming poverty programs to put people back to work so that they have that dignity.’”

From CBS 58 Milwaukee: “Ryan campaigned for his reelection in Racine along with Senator Ron Johnson. ‘You win elections one vote at a time and we’ve got a strong grassroots effort here in Wisconsin.’”

From TMJ 4 Milwaukee: “House Speaker Paul Ryan appeared alongside U.S. Senator Ron Johnson. The two said they’re confident the Republican message will resonate with voters around the state this fall. ‘Nobody can predict exactly what the top of the ticket’s going to do, but we’re all on the same page about growing our economy, reducing that regulatory burden.’”

From FOX 6 Milwaukee: “Ryan plans to stump with Republicans nationwide in promoting the plan over the next hundred days. ‘We want to offer substance and ideas and solutions. That is what we’re doing. That’s what the House Republicans along with our Senate counterparts are offering, and so I’m going to be talking about that all fall.’”

From ABC 2 Green Bay: “Speaker Ryan is campaigning for Senator Johnson and other Republicans looking to get reelected this fall. Both thanked volunteers before they went to the Racine County Fair to meet with voters. ‘Democrats, Russ Feingold is just going to grow the government, they know how to do that. They know how to do it really well, mortgage our kids’ future.’”