Support for Ron grows as we near 100 days until Election Day


Support for Ron is building across the state as we near 100 days until Election Day. Wisconsinites from Sugar Camp, Milton, Darien, and La Crosse wrote letters to the editor about why they support Ron’s Wisconsin values rather than Senator Russ Feingold’s Washington values.

From Carlton in Sugar Camp:

The race for our U.S. Senator offers candidates with stark differences. You can be sure Russ Feingold will continue with our current Obama administration policies since he has the same mindset and since he has not repudiated any of these policies.

Alternatively, Sen. Ron Johnson has fought against new taxes and mindless regulation that offers negligible benefit compared to the cost. Sen. Johnson’s plastics business and accounting background are well suited to making good choices to help our economy recover and thereby benefit our citizens.

Apart from the economy, other differences between Ron Johnson and Russ Feingold may be even greater. For our safety and well-being Russ Feingold was the only senator to vote against an act that provides the tools to fight terrorist activities, and Russ Feingold has voted against most budget authorizations to maintain our military.

In start contrast, in his initial term Sen. Ron Johnson has established a respected record of fighting terrorism and supporting and championing our military. For me, Sen. Ron Johnson is the clear choice.

From Amy in Milton:

Sen. Ron Johnson is one of the country’s most productive senators, having sponsored 627 pages of legislation in this session that have successfully become law.

Johnson passed a law through Congress to help keep terrorists out of the U.S. by reforming the visa waiver program. Johnson offered the top proposal in the U.S. Senate to deal with the flow of Syrian refugees. His legislation would require that the federal government certify that Syrian refugees have been fully vetted before they’re allowed here.

Remarkably, the freshman Johnson is chairman of the powerful Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. His committee has been extremely active, finding bipartisan areas of agreement and passing 70 bills, the most of any Senate committee, 20 of which have become law. Johnson is using the power of his committee to push the federal government to secure the border, an issue that is even more important in the wake of the recent terrorist attacks.

Johnson also had the committee hold a field hearing in Tomah so he could hear from all of the victims’ families in the VA scandal. Johnson went on the attack against Washington bureaucrats when he found out that whistleblowers within the VA have been facing retaliation for voicing their concerns.

Johnson’s an accountant and a manufacturer and has used those skills to begin to clean up the wasteful spending that politicians in both parties have gotten us into.

Johnson is a tireless bipartisan senator. He deserves reelection.

From Patrick in La Crosse:

I find it interesting that Russ Feingold wants to get his old job back to try to address the problems that he helped create or exacerbate in his first two terms.

It was his party that sank Social Security by taking dollar reserves and spending them, replacing those dollars with IOUs — IOUs that seniors like me are now on the hook for. It was his party that gave us President Barack Obama’s health care law, which took billions of dollars out of Medicare Advantage.

Neither Wisconsin or the nation needs Russ Feingold to help make things worse.

From Jim in Darien:

Sen. Ron Johnson has worked hard as our senator since his election. He understands the importance of manufacturing to Wisconsin’s economy. He has received a 100-percent rating from the National Federation of Independent Business in both the 112th and 113th sessions of Congress. Johnson spent 34 years building a company that produced plastic sheeting for packaging, while creating jobs and opportunity for Wisconsin families.

Johnson is standing up for Wisconsin farmers, manufacturers and families against EPA overreach. The EPA’s “Waters of the U.S.” rule would allow the government to regulate small ponds, ditches and creeks on private property, affecting 92 percent of the land in Wisconsin and driving up costs for small businesses and farmers due to added government regulation.

Johnson is fighting for our veterans and working to reform the VA. Johnson is working to get to the bottom of the real problems with the VA and prevent further deaths like those at the Tomah VA Medical Center. He subpoenaed the Department of Veterans Affairs for the release of all Tomah-related documents, resulting in the public release of 140 reports. He also released a report revealing that deaths at the Tomah VA in particular could have been avoided if the Department of Veterans Affairs had acted sooner.

Johnson ran on fighting to rein in wasteful federal spending and that’s exactly what he has done. The unprecedented debt being piled on to our children and grandchildren must be reined in.

Ron Johnson deserves re-election.