Ron Johnson at Republican National Convention: This is a Fight We Absolutely Must Win

Last night, Ron Johnson delivered a prime-time address at the Republican National Convention on the importance of strong leadership to keep America safe, and why we must destroy Islamic terror wherever it is hiding. These are massive challenges, and Ron laid out the case of why the world is too dangerous to send Hillary Clinton and Senator Feingold back to Washington.

Below are highlights of Ron’s remarks:

On Hillary Clinton’s infamous “What difference, at this point, does it make?” outburst: “So let me tell you and Hillary Clinton what difference it does make when America’s leaders cannot be trusted, and when our commander-in-chief fails miserably by employing a strategy of peace through withdrawal instead of achieving peace through strength. 

“It made a difference to the young Yazidi woman I met who was captured and brutalized by ISIS barbarians. The joy of life hauntingly absent in her eyes. It made a difference to the travelers passing through airports in Brussels, in Istanbul, who just wanted to get home to their family and friends. It made a difference to the ordinary Americans sharing holiday cheer at a Christmas party in San Bernardino. It made a difference to the young men and women dancing on a summer night at a club in Orlando. And it made a difference to the families watching fireworks at a celebration of freedom in Nice.”

On Senator Feingold’s votes against our security in his 18 years in Washington: “In Wisconsin, I am running against Russ Feingold, a man who even after 9/11, was the only Senator to vote against giving law enforcement the tools they need to help stop international terror. During his 18-year Senate career, he also voted against authorizing our military 11 separate times. Now he is asking Wisconsinites to give him a fourth term. Just as Hillary Clinton is asking America to give her Obama’s third term.”

On what it will take to keep America safe: “The world is simply too dangerous to elect either of them. Instead, America needs strong leadership. Leaders, who will jumpstart our economy, secure our borders, strengthen our military and accomplish the goal that President Obama set out over 22 months ago — we must defeat ISIS. And then remain fully committed to destroying Islamic terrorists wherever they hide. It doesn’t have to be like this. We shouldn’t have to live in fear. But if we want to change that reality, we must understand exactly what is at stake. This is a fight for freedom. This is not somebody else’s fight. This is our fight and it is a fight that we absolutely must win.”