Letter to the Editor: Ron “spent a lifetime creating jobs as a Wisconsin manufacturer”


From the Northwoods River News:

To the editor,

Have you seen the negative Russ Feingold campaign ads? Having accomplished nothing in 18 years as a U.S. Senator he can do nothing but produce false/misleading ads about Sen. Johnson.

Prior to spending his own liquid assets to became our senator, Ron Johnson spent a lifetime creating jobs as a Wisconsin manufacturer. During that time Russ Feingold voted to raise taxes on Wisconsin taxpayers more than 270 times. In his six years in office Ron has worked as Chairman of the Homeland Security and has passed more than 50 bills fighting government waste, fraud and abuse.

One of Russ Feingold’s ads says Ron shipped jobs overseas. Many of the jobs going overseas are because we have the highest manufacturing taxes in the world, and stifling regulations, Feingold supported. Russ Feingold has been living off taxpayers for his whole career. After his defeat he moved California to work as a college professor. Guess Wisconsin wouldn’t pay him enough. He wasn’t interested in listening to Wisconsin taxpayers. Feingold has praised the Obama Iran nuclear deal as a “great accomplishment.” Iran is the No. 1 sponsor of terrorism. It denies the Holocaust and vows to wipe out Israel. Feingold was the only senator to vote against the Patriot Act after 9/11.

Lets re-elect a man who loves Wisconsin, Ron Johnson, and send Russ Feingold back to California where he belongs.

Charlie Gullan

Eagle River